6 Tips for Your First Whitewater Rafting Trip

  1. Leave the Electronics Behind


The fresh air and excitement of a river adventure will reboot your mind and give you a new lease on life. To take full advantage of that opportunity, you really should unplug yourself from the digital world. At least temporarily. A Seattle river rafting trip can be an intimate and profound experience, but you have to actively participate in it.


The sounds of nature are better than anything you’ve got in your iTunes library anyway.


  1. Pack Wisely


Most people over pack on their first whitewater rafting trip. Even the most seasoned rafters bring more than they really need — unopened sodas, unworn clothes, unused flashlights — but first timers are in a league of their own when it comes to packing.


The average beginner probably only needs about a quarter of what they bring along. Check out some helpful packing tips from experts on whitewater rafting in Jackson Hole. Leave the unnecessary stuff at home.


  1. Stay Casual


Many first-time rafters bring a $100 shirt filled with sweat-repelling technology and a bunch of other features that don’t really mean anything. You know what most guides wear? Thrift store cotton shirts with ratty old collars and long sleeves that are just enough to block the summer sun. You don’t need fancy duds to enjoy a river trip. Stay casual and you’ll save some money and probably end up more comfortable.


  1. One Electronic Exception


This may sound contradictory after suggesting you leave the electronics behind, but you should bring and use a camera. All the better if your camera is just a camera and not just a feature on your phone. That will limit the potential for distraction.


Bring a camera and fill it up with incredible images from your trip. There’s so much to see and experience, and we don’t want you to lose those memories to be with you for a lifetime.


  1. Trust Your Guide


Your Seattle river rafting guide is going to be giving you great advice throughout the entire trip. Before you even get started, they’ll tell you to wear sunscreen and to plenty of water. Make sure you do both.


On the water, your guide needs your attention and trust. They know every twist and turn of the river, so following their advice is the best way to ensure your trip is thrilling, memorable, and safe.


  1. Relax


You’re going to take in some unforgettable sights and run some exciting rapids. It should be thrilling and relaxing at the same time. Watauga Kayak has the best equipment and the best guides to ensure that you can focus on having a good time. If you choose the trip that’s best for you and follow our guide’s advice throughout your journey, you’ll have an incredible experience. There’s no need for nerves or anxiety.


To ensure you pick a trip with a river difficulty that meets your needs, here’s a general guide on whitewater rapid classification from an outfitter that offers whitewater rafting in California.
Once you know what level of rapid difficulty you feel comfortable with, visit our adventure rafting page and find your ideal trip on the Watauga River.

Contact Watauga Kayak today to plan an adventure!

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  2. I definitely agree that it is a good idea to bring a camera. It’s such a great accessory to have, and like you said, it can help you preserve the memories of your rafting trip. Plus, I think that having a camera can help you and your friends have a better time. Posing for photos can be a lot of fun!

  3. I am hoping to go on a rafting trip with my family soon. These tips are great to make sure we pack all the right stuff and leave behind the unnecessary things. I hadn’t thought about leaving behind electronics as you mentioned. We will be sure to remember this advice! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I definitely agree with unplugging while you’re on rafting trip. Not only are electronics distracting, but you could get your expensive devices lost, stolen, or broken. Thanks for these tips!

  5. I really appreciated your tip to stay in causal clothes for something like this. I’ll admit that I was thinking about getting some more expensive things, but I never really thought about what our guide would wear. I’ll be sure to pack some more practical clothes than what I had planned.

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