Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak
Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak
Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak
Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak

Underground Caving Adventures Tennessee Year Round.

Appalachian Primitive Caving

We're Cavers, cave exploration is a breathtaking experience to explore  this underground world, you may see salamanders, crawfish, bats, and formations that has taken hundreds of years to form. Tennessee Caving great for kids

Equipment Used in Caving

Top of the line helmets, and headlights to make your under ground adventure an experience to remember.

What to Bring Caving

Bring a change of clothes, including dry shoes you will get dirty and wet, also make sure you wear a pair of shoes with good traction, no flip flops.  

You will be climbing, standing, crawling, bending on your adventure.

Cave and Raft

Try our cave and raft adventure combo, after caving get lunch then get ready to raft down the beautiful Watauga river a class I & II river. 

Cave and Kayak

Cave and Kayak with Watauga Kayak, we will cave in the morning and then kayak the lake or river that evening.  Great for all ages a trip to remember.

Cave, Raft, and Kayak

Cave and raft the first day then kayak the next day on the river or lake with Watauga Kayak.  An adventure for family, friends, and groups wanting to get as much fun in as possible.

Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak

Worley's Cave - Caving in Tennessee

Worley’s Cave (aka Morrell Cave) is a “wild cave” meaning that there are no built walkways, no rope lines, and no tourist traps! This is caving at its best experience real caving, this is the adventure for you no matter what the weather is outside Worley's Cave Bluff City, Tennessee.

Your day will begin at the Shop on Watauga River where you will get suited up with a helmet, headlamp, and gloves. A quick safety talk and a 15 minute drive later you will enter an alien world inhabited by nocturnal creatures such as cave salamanders, crawdads, and, yes, even bats.

Bring long pants, and long sleeve tee and shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, also bring a clean change of clothes as you will get dirty and wet.  Getting dirty has never been so much fun.

You will be free to explore, crawl, and climb all the while our expert guides will keep you on the right path. After spending between 2 and a half to 3 hours in the cave you can relax at our riverside deck or get ready for you rafting adventure!

Make it a full day of family fun Caving Adventure requires some previous caving experience. We recommend that all adventurers be in good physical condition. 

Our expert guides can help suit these adventures to your comfort level and ability.

Underground Caving Adventure

Morril's Cave is commonly called Worley's Cave locally and is known for its voluminous size with rooms more than 75 feet wide and 250 feet long with high ceilings that often exceeds 100 feet It is noted for its beautiful formations within its eight to ten miles of passages. The lower level of the cave contains a perennial creek complete with various fishes, white crayfish, and salamanders. An unearthed prehistoric stonewall some six feet high, built of rocks of various sizes, is evidence that the cave was likely inhabited by aboriginal people (aka. Kevin's ancestors).


Morril's Cave State Natural Area is located in Sullivan County. It has more than 37,000 feet of mapped passages on two levels. 

Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak

Getting Dirty Has Never Been So Much Fun Caving Adventures
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Worley's Cave

.Classic Caving Adventure
No Experience Necessary
$69.00 /Adult -  $59/Child under 12 
Tax included

Climb, Crawl, Bend, Stand


2.5 - 3.5 Hours 

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Worley's Cave AKA Morrell Cave

Full Day Caving Adventure
Experience Recommended
$110.00 /Adult -  $99/Child under 12 
Tax included


4 - 6 Hours 

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Combo Adventure


Cave - Raft
Cave - Kayak
Cave - Raft, Kayak


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We Are Cavers not Splunkers

Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak
Caving | Underground Caving Adventures in TN | Watauga Kayak



Kevin's ancestors). It is unknown when the first settler entered Morril's Cave, although it has been A local resident John Morril, led many explorations of the cavern "near the turn of the century." Worley's Cave was formed in limestone over 550 million years old. The formations here are far more striking than any you'll see in commercial caves for hundreds of miles. As you explore the cave, bear in mind that a spelogion (formation) grows 1 inch every 100 years. Now, imagine seeing formations over 60 feet tall and spanning nearly 200 feet. Wow! This is an ideal cave to get introduced to the interesting and adventurous world of caving. This trip is acceptable for a wide range of ages and abilities Explore rooms like the Hobbit's Hallway, the Fairy's Ballroom, Tombstone, Giant's Causeway, Thin Floor Room, the Hall of Masks, base camp, and the Bermuda triangle.