Paper Flowers

My Secret Garden, Designed by WK

Some WildFlowers you may see on Watauga River


Large Daisy you may see on Watauga River

River Flowers

We offer paper flowers designed by WK that will bring those memories back from your paddling trip.  These are different sizes of flowers you may see on the Watauga River during your guided trip.   All paper flowers are hand made and one of a kind.

Extra large paper flower daisy

Paper Flowers on Watauga River

This is a wild daisy made from paper and designed by WK to inspire touring the beautiful wildflowers on Watauga River.

Custom orders and sizes available at Watauga Kayak.

Beautiful paper small wild roses on Watauga River for sale at Watauga Kayak

Wild Rose

Beautiful paper rose found growing near Watauga River, This is one of the paper flowers designed by WK for sale at Watauga Kayak.

This red paper flower is as red as a fire pink located on the cliffs of Watauga River

Wild Flowers made from Paper

Paper flowers that imitate wildflowers on watauga river

Paper Daisies found on the bank of Watauga River

Daisies, Sunflowers on Watauga River

Many beautiful wild flowers such as sunflowers, and daisies on your guided trip.  Paper Flower replicas are for purchase at Watauga Kayak.